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Roxborough's Iconic Pizza Parlor, Alex's Pizza, to be Revitalized by Local Entrepreneurs

The Roxborough section of Philadelphia is buzzing with excitement as five local guys prepare to take over the beloved pizza parlor, Alex’s Pizza. These entrepreneurs have already proven their success in turning around a local establishment, The East End Tavern, and transforming it into the wildly popular corner sports bar, The Rook, on Cresson Street in Manayunk.

The new owners of Alex’s Pizza, who wish to remain anonymous, have big plans for the iconic pizza parlor. They will retain the Original Recipe and traditional pizza-making techniques that have made Alex’s Pizza a household name in Roxborough, while also introducing new and innovative menu items to attract a wider range of Customers.

In addition to updating the menu, the new owners also plan to freshen up the establishment. They will be performing minor renovation to the interior and exterior of the building, creating a more inviting atmosphere for Customers to enjoy their delicious pizzas.

Residents of Roxborough are eagerly awaiting the reopening of Alex’s Pizza, as the parlor has been a staple in the community Since 1961. The new owners are confident that their passion for the neighborhood, for good food and their dedication to Customer service will make Alex’s Pizza a top destination for pizza lovers in the City.

The official date of the reopening has not been announced yet, but the new owners assure the community that they will keep them updated on the progress of the renovations and the opening date. They also invite everyone to follow their social media for updates.

As the new owners take over the reins of the beloved pizza parlor, residents of Roxborough can rest assured that the tradition of delicious pizzas at Alex’s Pizza will continue to be upheld, while also being taken to new heights.